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Sprinkler repair service in Lake Mary, Florida

Fixing irrigation


Deciding on a irrigation contractor can be quite confusing at times.  Many times having a sprinkler repair company out to your house you will find a wide range of opinion and price to repair your system.  Deciding which solution makes the most sense can be very tough.  We try to educate our clients on the theory behind a Quality irrigation system.  Many times contractors are you to replace the controller, pump or valves of your system and spend very little time moving heads or adding zones.  The reason for this approach is to sell product and make money..  This approach typically adds very little value to the property management.  While sometimes a new controller is required many times areas need to be segregated and zones need to be added.  Segregating areas of high sun exposure from areas of low sun exposure are critical to management.

  •  Landscaping should always be on a separate zone of irrigation
  • Side yards should always have there own zone
  • Rotors should always be on a separate zone from spray heads
  • Reaching the highest precipitation rate possible is the goal
  • Drainage should always be a consideration when segregating areas of the property
  • Never put spray heads on the same zone as rotors as they have completely different precipitation rates. A Rotor has a precipitation rate of .4 in/hr and a spray head where a spray head has a precipitation rate of 1.6.  This means if you mix them you will get a very uneven distribution of water.
  • Stick to the idea of watering more less often.  Not only put more water on the ground with a higher precipitation rate but increase the watering time per day and reduce the days you water.  This means sometimes watering only once a week and watering very heavy on that day.  This promotes a deep root system and drought tolerance.

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