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Central Florida experiences heavy rain during the summer months.  Dealing with drainage issues can be confusing and tough.  Deciding on which material to use can as well be a hassle. But that is just the beginning. The next sometimes puzzling question is where to take the water?   Many drainage contractors have installed systems for such a long time and have developed a keen eye, and have the ability to made decisions about what type of system is needed just by looking at the changes in grade.  Other times you will have a contractor come to your house with a surveying transit and put an exact calculation on the change in grade.  Many times this isn’t necessary and is often times a method in which the contractor is trying to look professional.  None the less the use of a transit can be handy.  Another very simple method is using a masonry line and a line level to measure the changes in grade.   Most times its is very clear where the lower ground is and how much fall there is from the problem area to the relief area.   As a rule the drainage pipe should fall 1/4 inch per foot otherwise clogging issues will arise quickly.    Below is a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to installing drainage systems.


  • Do not use single walled drainage pipe,  This usually comes in coils  and is very inexpensive. it tears very easy and collapses.  this will make all your digging useless in a very short time.  on top of all that because the interior isn’t smooth it clogs easy and as well makes it impossible to flush clean
  • Don’t dig without putting down a geo textile fiber fabric on the grass before digging. Most of the time when you will be installing drainage the ground will be wet and muddy, you will destroy a lawn without putting the dirt on a fabric.  On top of that fabric makes clean up alot faster
  • Don’t connect drainage fittings without the use of a elastic drainage tape!  Roots grow faster then you think and will ruin your drainage system very quickly.


  • Install only 1130 green sewer PVC line or N-12 double walled corrugated pipe.  Doing drainage work is an excessively laborious task.  It isn’t smart to be cheap on materials and have your drainage system fail a few short years after its installed.  Schedule 40 PVC is ok to use as well.  Always use a minimum of 4 inch pipe.  Gravity is not near the force of a pump so a larger pipe is critical!
  • Don’t use a sump pump unless you absolutely have to.  Sump pumps only work when there is power. That means when you lose power from the hurricane your pump won’t work.  This is the main reason to avoid the use of sump pumps.  That being said there are situations where they are necessary
  • Take the water to the street!  Most developments are required to drain all properties to the street.
  • Install only the highest quality materials.  The cost in drainage systems is mostly the labor.  Many times using materials that will last will only cost 10% more to the job
  • Any questions Call us!